And it’s a wrap for Semester 1, 2017. It’s been a very hectic semester because I took an extra teaching load, but I’ve survived 😉 This semester had been interesting because I ran a Virtual Reality studio and we looked at how VR could be used for linear/non-linear storytelling. The learning curve was steep (for both the students and myself), but overall I’m proud of what the students achieved within the time span of 12 weeks. Quite a number of interesting projects came out of it, all of which were mobile VRs. Some of the works will most certainly be exhibited in our program’s upcoming Program Showcase.

Hopefully the next time I run another VR studio, there will be a few desktop VRs in the mix so we could explore positional tracking. Wouldn’t that be interesting!

PS: Pictured here grading VR assignments. All 25 of them. I’ll need motion sickness tablets before grading VR assignments next time. UGH.