The nice folks at the RMIT School of Education have recently invited me to conduct a VR presentation, as part of the STEM in situ project (funded by Women in STEM Programme Grants). Getting more women into STEM is something that I genuinely support, so I said yes without hesitation. I ran two sessions – one for primary school and one for high school. For many of them, it is the first time experience VR, so needless to say – they were pretty amazed right off the bat.


Gave them some introduction about VR technologies in general, and then have them try out different VR content (Tiltbrush and some student projects from my VR storytelling studio this semester). Even the teachers were impressed! 😀

Aside from VR the girls also got the opportunity to try out other technologies (i.e Hololens). What a fantastic way to get them thinking about a STEM career in the near future. I hope I’ll see some of them in my class someday.