“A poor teacher complains, an average teacher explains, a good teacher teaches, a great teacher inspires.” – H. Narasimhaiah

Courses I have Taught

Throughout my university teaching career I have taught a range of digital media courses across different institutions, ranging from design fundamentals, interactive media, 2d/3d animation, digital illustrations, motion design and virtual reality.

The following are courses that I have taught, all of which are at undergraduate level. I was the course coordinator for all the courses listed here and was responsible with planning lesson plans, designing course content, grading assignments and course administration.

Digital Media Studio 1
Introduction on design principles, typography, colour theory and digital imaging and motion design techniques.

Digital Media Studio 2
Foundation on digital media principles and introduction to web design.

Advanced Electronic Imaging
Digital illustration course that teaches students advanced techniques of digital painting using Wacom Tablets. Students learn how to produce concept arts, character design, storyboard and final A3-sized illustration.

Design for Interactive Media 1

Design fundamentals, typography and graphic design techniques.

Design for Interactive Media 2
Design principles, typography and digital imaging and animation techniques.

Electronic Imaging and Design
Photo manipulation and animation techniques.


Interactive Media 1
User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, responsive web design. Mobile application development.

Interactive Media 2
Creating interactive applications for web and mobile devices.

Advanced Web Authoring
Advanced web authoring course that covers a range of topics such as logo design, interface design, packaging design and web design.

Design for Interactive Media 3
Course features lessons on interface design, interactivity, search engine optimization, web design, etc.

News Design for Print and Web
Introductory course for desktop publishing and web design.

Content Design Project
Motion design course, covering basic animation principles and how to combine graphics, typography and audio to create compelling motion design pieces.

Imaging and Animation
Introductory 3d course that teaches students the basic principles and techniques of 3d modelling, texturing and animation.

Advanced 3d Imaging and Animation
Advanced 3d course that teaches students advanced character animation techniques.

Students explored the UI and UX design principles that are applicable towards new affordances of different VR technologies (mobile/desktop/webVR). This studio received funding from an industry partner and was conducted in collaboration with Master of Architecture students.

VR Storytelling
In this semester, students learned, researched and experimented with how the unique affordances of VR technology could be used as an immersive storytelling tool through linear or non-linear interaction.

Building Beautiful Websites
This studio guided students through the process of designing and developing interactive websites that are visually compelling with intuitive interaction design.

Transhumanism Workshop
Cross university collaborative course between RMIT and State University of New York on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Course assistant.

Cooperative Work Placement
Supervisor for student internships – Conducted company visits and interviews.

Introduction to Information Technologies
Introductory IT course for Mass Communication students.

Introduction to Computer Graphics
Computer graphics course covering vector illustration and digital imaging techniques.

Computer Studies
Introductory IT course for Tourism and Hospitality students.

VR demo and presentation, Northcote High School – 2017
VR demo and presentation, STEM-in-situ project – 2017
Final Cut Pro Workshop, Taylor’s University – 2007
Fix-A-Pic (Photoshop Workshop), Taylor’s University – 2006
Are You Storyboard Literate?, Taylor’s University – 2006
Digital Musician in 2 Hours (Garageband Workshop), Taylor’s University – 2006
Apple Mac OS Workshop, Taylor’s University –  2006