It’s finally official. I am now Dr Thong. After 4 years of full-time study, I have finally received my interim certificate for completing my PhD in Computing (Serious Games) at Coventry University. I did it at CU because (a) the well-known Serious Games Institute is based there, and (b) it offers a split-site study option – a rarity in this field of study – I am 100% self-funded and kept my full-time job in Vietnam to support my studies.

My PhD thesis is titled, “Implementation of Digital Role-Playing Games in Higher Education Classrooms to Accomplish Learning Outcomes“. I designed a digital RPG targeted for digital media students, which enabled users to role-play as digital media practitioners to solve real-world design problems (pre-flighting posters, client briefing, etc.) within a simulated studio environment. The data collection was conducted in both RMIT Vietnam and Melbourne campuses.

I’ve passed the viva (it was a breeze) last November, but I’ve been told it isn’t done done until I received the final certificate. So here it is, in full completion, 4 months later.

I have to say – this had been the most emotionally, physically and financially draining thing that I have committed in my life (thus far).  So many setbacks throughout the journey – but ultimately I grit my teeth and persevered.

Which makes the reward even sweeter. With this goal achieved – moving on to the next goals in life!

Pictured here are 2 copies of my thesis, looking like the Bible.